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Dynamic Business Process Modeling is one of the cornerstones for successful software design and selection

The Business Processes Models are used to describe the flows,  tasks, events and information exchanges from a business perspective and describe the activities that the supporting IT systems must execute.

Business Processes are subject to changes caused by internal and external sources. Dynamic modeling enables quick adaptation of the process model to the changes.

Main goals of dynamic business process modeling are;

  • to create uniform and consistent process descriptions throughout the project as well as during operation
  • to achieve a common understanding of the business processes by making them visible and understandable

SweetHill Consultants Approach & Deliverables;

We first evaluate the complete operational 'as-is' business processes of the customer and model that in a software tool called Enterprise Architect. These processes are discussed and agreed with the customer.

In step two, using our industry best practices knowledge, we create the 'to-be' processes were we highlight what can improved. Also this is modeled in Enterprise Architect and presented to the customer.

The third step is calculation the potential savings. We measure the effect (for example in time) of each changed or removed process step and using the characteristics of the customers operation (eg. number of staff, number of shipments, flights, ULD's handled etc.) we calculate the overall value for the customers business.

Deliverables are;

  • Multi layered models in Enterprise Architect that can easily be maintained by the customer staff
  • Full description and instructions on how to maintain the models
  • Complete Documentation in RTF, MS-Word and or HTML

Our Deliverables can be used for;

  • Selection/Tender of software vendor and products
  • Support various tasks during set-up and operation of the new system / business processes
  • Become part of the Standard Operating Procedures
  • Training material for Staff
  • Explanation of Logistics and IT Operations to (potential) customers

Different levels of modeling;


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