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Case Study Load Confirmation


  • Reduce aircraft Turnaround time
  • Improve flight departure punctuality

Case Description:
Prior to an aircraft departure a rigid load control process is to be completed to create an optimal and safe weight and balance of the aircraft and ensure operational safety and compliance to international aviation rules. Positioning of passengers, cargo and baggage differ per aircraft type and need to be captured accurately.

When loading the aircrafts, several pieces of information need to be captured prior to getting approval for departure. This amongst other information includes, Departure station, Flight number, aircraft registration, Fuel levels, Water Levels, number of passengers, weight of cargo and position of cargo and baggage containers in the aircraft.

This process till today was done manually. Because International aviation ruling requires the physical paper needs to be kept on file.  At the departure control office, the paper was transferred into the controlling system manually. This process was time-consuming and easily caused flight departure delays.





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