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DHL Global Forwarding


DHL Global Forwarding

DGF is worlds largest air and ocean freight forwarding organisation.

Project: INCOSOFT - replacement Freight Forwarding legacy systems LOGIS AIR & OCEAN

Current freight forwarding systems of DGF have been developed inhouse from late 1970's onwards. The IBM mainframe and AS400 technologies and deployed database systems are reaching end of technical and economical live cycle. Business requires a speed of change that these systems can't support anymore and the system capacity to support the business growth is unsufficient without considerable investments. DGF therefore started project INCOSOFT to replace the legacy systems and create an integrated new AIR & OCEAN forwarding system.

Project Responsibilities

SweetHill Consultants was hired to perform the overall IT Programme Management of this programme as well as performing Business Process and Use Case Modelling.

Project Deliverables

  • Definition of harmonized business processes and functional requirements
  • Develop Business Process Model
  • Develop business use cases using UML and design solution architecture, messaging architecture and interfaces to other systems (eg. customs)
  • Infrastructure scoping
  • Prepare business case
  • Set up project approach and project organization according to Prince 2 methodology
  • RFI set-up and execution of RFI process
  • Initial Software selection
  • J2EE compliance evaluation software product
  • Software scalability & Performance testing
  • Prepare Statement of Work for selected SW vendor
  • Team Recruiting




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