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Grodis Wilson


Geodis Wilson

Geodis Wilson combines the strenghts of former TNT Freight Management, Geodis Overseas and Rohde & Liesenfeld. With over 5500 employees in Freight Management services, Geodis Wilson provides high quality logistics services on a global scale.

Project - Next Generation Freight Management System

Geodis Wilson uses a range of different air & ocean freight management systems. The project intention is to replace the legacy systems with modern single file FMS solution based upon modular technology.

Project Responsibilities

SweetHill Consultants has been asked to support the Geodis Wilson business and IT team in selecting the appropriate new Freight Management System and prepare a business case for the Geodis Wilson Freight Management Board.

Project Deliverables

  • Resource and Project plan for selection and implementation new system
  • Overview of all available software solutions in the industry with SWOT analyses
  • Workshops/evaluations with system vendors leading to a short-list of systems
  • Detailed benefits and impact analyses
  • Risk assessment
  • Project running cost, budget and investment schedule
  • Capex
  • Presentation & recommendation to Geodis Wilson Freight Management Board
  • "Hans van der Zwet and SweetHill Consultants were chosen on the basis of their unique industry knowledge. In particular the study of Next Generation IT Platform entails a paradigm shift of forwarding processes where a very deep industry knowledge is paramount to success. Hans van der Zwet and SweetHill Consultants have carried out their contracted work to complete satisfaction and I can give the very best recommendation and I will happily use their services again."

    Håkan Nilsson
    CIO Geodis Wilson Holding AB




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