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e-Enable the freight community

SHIELD is a hosted document management solution specifically developed to capture and digitize freight documentation like MAWB, HAWB, Supplier Invoices, DGR Certificates, House-manifests, Flight manifests, load sheets etc. 

In fact the solution is capable of building a complete electronic flight file for a carrier or cargo ground handler that can be shared with all relevant and authorized parties involved. For example customs can be granted access to the files, Freight agents & shippers can see electronic copies of their documents, etc.  Our solution has already been fully endorsed by UK Customs authorities. We warrant customs compliance and offer a 2 million Euro liability guarantee to our customers.

Freight Forwarders can also make use of our products and services. They can build up their electronic shipment file by simply scan all details like customers commercial invoices, export licenses, packing lists, loading lists etc.  We will make the images available on-line and make the data available to the Freight Management Systems in use.

All our customers benefit from capturing supplier invoices. SHIELD offers an environment that covers processing the invoice, interface information to the Financial Application, full workflow process for authorizing/approving the invoice payments online etc.  Cost savings potential is huge.

How does it work
All documents are scanned at origin and via internet connection transmitted to our customer support and datacenter were we index and store the images in the database. We have perfected the process and can handle all sorts of normal day to day anomalies. For example our call center agents first check for critical failures and if needed call the customer agent for additional information or rescan within in 3 minutes. Several checks will be applied to help ensuring data like addresses and postal codes are correct and the accurate information will be reported in electronic messages.  Rules are applied to calculate whether freight charges have been entered correctly. After all the checks are completed special software extracts the information and  complemented with limited manual data entry, metadata of each scanned document is created. This information is stored in the database and can be viewed by authorized users online but also interfaced to core operational and financial applications in use at the customer.

IATA eFreight

Freight documents like MAWB, HAWB can be turned into their Cargo-IMP message equivalent and transmitted to for example customs and airlines. Applying such technologies will help enabling IATA's eFreight initiative to become reality.

When a scanned document is received at the processing center, it will be processed according the agreed customer SLA. For example creation of an Cargo-IMP FWB message from a scanned MAWB would take 20 minutes to several hours pending urgency of the flight. However turnaround time can be as quick as 3 minutes for in case of urgent capturing.


SHIELD 'image enables' all kind of Freight Applications. A simple button or web-link can be added to existing systems that allow opening the requested electronic documents stored in the SHIELD database.




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