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Our solution is simple, combines the traditional paper entry with smart data capture and is easy to use. When the information is written with the digital pen, on the special paper form we have designed, the data is captured in the pen's memory. At completion the information is transferred to the controlling system using a simple mobile phone supporting Bluetooth. On the mobile phone, our software checks that the forms are correct, transfers the handwritten text to real data using handwriting recognition and the information is transmitted to the Departure Control System.Within seconds the information is available in the system of the departure controller for verification and departure approval.

Very simple to use solution that makes working really mobile

Safe infrastructure - 100% secure because of handwriting recognition and encrypted data transfer - used already by more than 100.000 users

Flexible solution that allows capturing data directly under the aircraft without a major change for the operational users

  • Easy to Implement
  • Reduction of errors
  • Improved turnaround time
  • Reduced departure delays

This Case Study is an example of what we can do to create benefits for our logistics customers. This technology can be deployed in many areas within the logistics chain.

For example airlines and Cargo Handlers might use the technology for communication with their Ramp Handler;

  • ULD and bulk handover between Terminal Operators to Ramp Handlers
  • Speed up accurate information on Tail to Tail transfers
  • Capture handover information of cargo upon delivery
  • and many more opportunities

Freight Forwarders might use the system to support;

  • Control of ULD movements at their Container Freight Station
  • Pick-up (POC) and Delivery (POD) of shipments
  • Load control of consolidations
  • and many more opportunities

We deliver  full set of services around this technology including;

  • Business issue analyses
  • Solution Design
  • Form design
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Helpdesk & Support

The toolset is simple but effective...

  • Mobile Phones with Bluetooth
  • Special designed paper forms with a fine grid (dots)
  • Digital Pen (with 100% secure Handwriting recognition)
  • Background server



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